Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.

Wild Heart Ranch Board of Directors

Annette King
Wildlife Rehabilitator, WHR President / Director of Operations (Head Poop Scooper!)

Sandy Mahl Brooks
Wildlife Rehabilitator, WHR Vice President & Co Founder

Scott Troy
Esq. Attorney at Law, WHR Legal Advisor

Christina Morrison
WHR Secretary, Law Enforcement

Beth Langlinais
Bird Care Specialist (5th Grade Teacher at Pamela Hodson Elementary, Owasso)

Dr. Lesleigh Cash Warren, DVM
Wildlife Rehabilitator, WHR Director of Medical Care (Hooves Paws & Claws Clinic, Claremore)

Patrick Abitbol
Assistant District Attorney, Rogers County WHR Legal Advisory team

Greg Silva
Assistant Director of Wild Heart Ranch (design drafting manager is his paying job)