Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.

Books I Have Written About My Experiences

"Goodnight Wild Heart Ranch"

A children's bedtime story helping to say goodnight to some of the animals at Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue. May your little one's find slumber along with Mine.

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"Oliver's Story"

The Little Owl Who Did Things His Way
Wild Child Tales - Volume 1

Join me on the adventure of raising one special little owl who refused to follow the rules. He challenged us every day with his need to be in charge of himself and do things his way.
One of the "Wild Child" stories from Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for wildlife located in Rogers County Oklahoma.
This Book is written for children ages 7-10 but Oliver's story can be enjoyed by everyone.

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"Out Of The Nest"

The Handbook for New Adults

There are so many little things that we hope our children learn along the way while they are under our roof and in our care, but once we launch them into the world, we wonder if they heard all of our advice and are fully equipped to deal with life's newfound responsibilities and challenges. Typically their lack of experience (and years of selective hearing) will likely hamper them in some way. This handbook is written to further explain their future journey and give the newly emerging adult a few extra tools to help them navigate through 'adulting' and hopefully avoid common struggles with simple wisdom and sound advice to develop basic life skills for making good choices. It takes a village to raise a child. Consider us part of your parenting team. We all want to hand our world over to capable, responsible adults as they take charge of their (and our) future. We hope this helps what we all desire them which is success in all that they do on a fulfilling and productive journey. Good luck and congratulations for being a pro active influence in your young person's future!

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"The Beats of a Wild Heart"

A collection of poems and photos from Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue

Since 1996, my primary passion has been caring for tens of thousands of lost, injured, abandoned and sick wild animals. My secondary passion is telling their stories. Writing has always been the way I express my feelings and keep my heart clear of damage so that I may continue my mission of care. Here are some of the poems I have written over the years. All inspired by the ones in my care, and the triumps and often heartbreak of getting them where they need to be. Free.
Enjoy the words from the bottom of my wild heart.

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"Touched by the Wild Again"

A new revision of my early book; "Touched by the Wild" that includes my beloved stories of Boris the raccoon, Girl Gone Wild, Koda the wolf and of course Kiara's story, which now includes the rest of our journey. Lots of new photos and expanded thoughts and descriptions. Also meet Trey and his wolf-dog Lazarus, and see how Laz helped to save a soldier when the cub weighed only a few pounds. I love these stories. They are my most treasured of memories. If you are reading them for the first time, they will touch your heart, and take you on my journey through the beginning days of Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue, my heart, my haven, my home. If you have read my first book, this one will be an extended look into my world and a journey into my darkest day. They all touch my heart, but these stories helped mold who I am today and I hope you will cuddle up in a quiet place and allow yourself to venture into the realm of compassion, open my book and your heart and be touched by the wild once again.

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"The Road to Release"

A non-technical, comprehensive guide for the rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. I will help to educate you in all aspects of wildlife rescue. I walk you through taking the initial calls, the capture, evaluation, trauma, individual species care, record keeping, housing and release of the animals, as well as ideas and tips to organize your facility, promote your efforts to the public and manage volunteers and visitors. I have included instructions for a new treatment for deadly disease in wildlife as well as lifesaving instruction for animals coming to you in need of urgent and immediate supportive care. It's all here! My rescue is moderately high volume with an average of several hundred wild animals logged in annually since 1997. I release more than 95% of these creatures back to where they belong, with everything they need to survive. I wish to share what I have learned and discovered and help you put your charges on the Road to Release!

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"Memoirs of a Glorified Poop Scooper"

A journey into a few of the stories of wild animals cared for at Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue and rehab near Claremore, Oklahoma. An eagle who fights against secondary lead poisoning, an owl who survives swimming in crude oil, beaver urine creating quite the misunderstanding for one mother, and what happens when dozens of skunk take shelter in your shelter? Join the journey to fight for lives and the antics when things do not go as planned. Enjoy this journey into the rare, wonderful and WILD daily life of the director of this amazing place.

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