Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.


WE LOVE OUR GAME WARDEN!! Thank you BREK HENRY for all you do to support our hard work and the animals we care for!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

State Issued Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit

Issued Originally March of 1997 through the Okla Dept of Wildlife Conservation under Annette M King. several of our volunteers are also permitted.

Covers all indigenous wildlife to be released back into the wild when care is completed. This is NOT an educational permit. We cannot adopt and keep any wild born animals that have been illegally kept and tamed into pets. We can advise you of how to condition these animals for release, but we cannot designate limited cage space for adult wildlife who have serious imprint issues.

(we do NOT breed, sell or adopt exotics or wildife)

Federal Permit #019049

Issued Jan 1999 and is current for Annette King and Wild Heart Ranch Rescue. Includes Daniel Hardt and Greg Silva on this permit.

Covers all protected species of migratory birds and raptors. Basically anything wild with feathers other than introduced species such as sparrows and starlings.

Other Information

Special permits are not required for any of our exotic animals.

All deer on the property over 6 months of age are free to come and go at will, which they do.

All orphaned or injured wildlife are released within 6 months of original care date unless euthanized for permanent and debilitating injuries or disease. Any exceptions for extended care are reported to the local game warden. For example orphans such as bobcats which take longer to teach to hunt or seriously injured animals requiring extensive therapy. No wild born animals are kept for display, or handled past weaning by anyone other than the primary care giver when necessary.

All wild born animals turned over to us for care will not be adoptable to private homes under any circumstances. It is illegal in Oklahoma to have wild animals as pets. We do not give care advice to people trying to raise these animals without permits. We will help you locate a wildlife rehabilitator and give temporary care instruction until one can be found, or you can bring the animal to us if we have the room or time for imprinted wildlife.

We do not have a USDA exhibition permit so we do not exhibit any animals for any purpose.