Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.

Shooting Wildlife

There's more to me than fur
Which may come as a surprise
I know you'd see a spirit in me
If you looked into my eyes

My head is here to guide me
Not to decorate your wall
If you want to use a part of me
You had better need it all

There's more to me than beauty
I have a purpose and a will
I have responsibilities and things to do
That I must continue to fulfill

Your weapon, it may kill me
And my children and my mate
When I don't return with food tonight
You've sealed my family's fate

There's more to me than mystery
My life no different than you
I live to survive the best that I can
Hoping the day will see me through

So when you have me in your crosshairs
I ask, I beg, I pray...
Take only from me a photograph
And let me go about my way

For the Wild Ones...

Written from a wild heart by:
Annette King, Animal Rescuer
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue
Claremore, Oklahoma