Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.

God Wanted His Tiger

For Athena and Heather;
From "Aunt Netters"

God wanted a tiger to adorn Heaven's gate
So special a tiger he would have to create
This tiger would need to be beautiful to start,
But this tiger would have to be made of all heart

Since Heaven is where the spirit goes to rest
This tiger would first have to endure every test
He sent her to Earth to be born from a womb
That had too many cubs, and not enough room

Her very first lesson would be learning to share
Her legs would be bent and twisted in there
She would be crippled and patience was earned
Humility, trust and courage was learned

She needed so much from the people that cared
She brought us together with her struggle we shared
She created compassion and hope with her life
She taught us determination through all of her strife

We suffered the day that we thought hope was lost
We worried and fretted for care with such cost
But there were people to share what they had with this cat
Doctors donated 'this' and others gave 'that'

And soon our Athena had experienced all
From her very first steps to her very last fall
And she left us as quickly as she had arrived
Our tiger, all heart, had recovered... then died.

She will greet those in Heaven with a chuff and a nod
Having left those who loved her behind, for her God
She will know all the pain of wanting to stay
With a body that suffered, but love kept it at bay

And through all of her pain, her struggles and strife
She would do it all over to experience life
And the gifts she has taken to Heaven to share
Are the lessons she taught us through all of our care

Patience for those who can do less than we do
And forgiveness for weakness, no matter for who
Hope is a choice made from love, nothing more
And courage is believing success is in store

God wanted his tiger, and I envy him so
We wanted her here, we didn't want her to go
But we think of her perching near God's Golden Gate
Never a more perfect tiger would he ever create.

We will miss you baby. We are all so very honored to have
known, loved and helped you through your journey. You are our
hero and inspiration. In the eyes of a tiger, we saw nothing but heart.

See you again someday big girl!

.........Your human family

Written from a wild heart by:
Annette King, Animal Rescuer
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue
Claremore, Oklahoma