Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.

Lost Children of the Wild

They arrive in boxes and blankets and hands
Lost children of the wild
They are cold, hungry and missing their mom
Like any other displaced child

They have survived the unthinkable trauma
And they have found mercy with human care
They are brought to us each and every day
And they come from everywhere

We settle them in and get them warm
And give them everything theyre needing
We tend their wounds and hunger
A constant marathon of feeding

Our wild ones are the treasures
Of a wilderness gone long before
They have adapted to our intrusion
And cannot avoid us anymore

It is our duty to provide
A place where they can grow
For "Nature taking its place"
Was lost to people long ago

So my thanks to those who take the time
To bring the baby that you found
To someone who knows just what to do
And will keep it safe and sound

And after dozens or hundreds of feedings
And long days and longer nights
Will release it back to where it belongs
And make our intrusion a little more right

Written from a wild heart by:
Annette King, Animal Rescuer
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue
Claremore, Oklahoma